Youtube SEO: Optimizing Content for Views and Subscribers

by Kenneth Sweet
YouTube SEO Optimization of Your Videos For Maximum Views and Subscibers

YouTube SEO Tactics: How to Get More Views and Subscribers

YouTube is the world’s second-largest website. It’s used by 2 billion people daily. In the U.S., 73 per cent of adults watch videos. (We could go on but you can read on your own time all the new YouTube stats.)

We’ve compiled this guide to highlight all the easy wins that will amplify the message about your brand on YouTube. We are all also going to detail some of the more advanced techniques that the pros use.

Use Video titles that will make people want to click

The title of the video should be punchy, and should attract new viewers. It shouldn’t be too wordy, but it should explain in a succinct way why the consumer should bother to watch your video.

Do Your Keyword Research

Do your keyword research (as mentioned above) before you settle on your title, and then take a look at my your competitors use of those keywords. These are the videos that you’ll be up against, so if not better, you want your title to be as good as theirs. Titles play a major role in your video ranking so make sure they are at least five words longer and have the keyword you want to rank for.

Use the best thumbnails for Videos: use Bold Colors and Text

A well-crafted thumbnail can generate more views quickly. The thumbnail picture of a video is actually more important than the title in terms of the YouTube searcher attracting the press. You can do whatever else is right for your SEO, but if you have an unattractive thumbnail, nobody will click on your video.

Do the following to get the best results:

  • Customize a thumbnail image with titles / fun graphics.
  • Have professional shots taken with your thumbnail in mind. (Note: You don’t have to use a video frame as the basis for a thumbnail.)
  • Make it intriguing.
  • Ensure that it’s well lit.

Write Longer Descriptions for your video content.

Quality videos are generating more views on YouTube. And one of the No. 1 quality indicators for viewers is the length of the video. (How different do you judge a 30-second or 13-minute video?)

Another benefit: longer videos rank higher on YouTube and suggested positions.

A lot of people make the mistake of just writing a few sentences for the description. This is your chance to expand on the information in the video with links, action calls and performer bios. If you want people to click on a link to your website , please include “above the fold” before the “Show more” prompt. Also, include some kind of enticing hook in the first sentence that will get people to click.

Publish YouTube Videos on a Regular Schedule

Keeping a regular publishing schedule for your YouTube videos will bring viewers back to you page. If you are publishing and posting your videos sporadically, it will be much more difficult to increase. If you’re serious about creating a YouTube audience, a weekly video is a must, and twice a week is even better.

Use the YouTube Analytics

Once you’ve optimized and uploaded your videos, you’ll want to be able to monitor and analyze their performance.

YouTube Analytics is available at youtube.com/analytics. YouTube Analytics is great for learning more about who is watching your videos. Some examples of the data you can find are traffic sources, demographics and what percentage of your watchers are subscribers. This lets you know where to focus your energies and resources. Are there a large number of your viewers who follow you closely? Perhaps create some content that caters specifically to them.

If your serious about getting more YouTube views, subscribers and rankings, it’s essential to invest time in video optimization. Don’t just assume people will find your video. Make it easy to find. Do it in a professional way and add all your details including keywords to the video description.

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