What are Facebook Memories: Engaging Posts from Your Pasts

by Kenneth Sweet
What are Facebook Memories and How to Use Them For Digital Marketing

What are Facebook Memories?

What are Facebook Memories and what can you expect in the future. As a regular Facebook user, you might have noticed a feature popping up, reminiscing about the first job you had, the first time you tried out the mac & cheese with grilled chicken at the nearby restaurant or the collage of fun office activities on past New Years Celebrations. This new feature is something that you might enjoy. It’s a blast from the past almost everyday on Facebook and these posts are some of the most highly shared posts on Facebook. People share them to their pages or they send them privately to someone else who might like a trip down memory lane.

Memory Posts Bring Back Old Memories that You May Have Forgotten About

This nostalgic product was introduced back in March, 2015. It has become the top driving force into the digital archive of your life. Just think about it. All the posts, events, snapshots, friendships, etc. from your past postings are making a comeback for users daily. This may make your wonder, what are Facebook Memories for and why were they introduced?

The memories page will help you reflect on the memories you have shared with your friends and family over the years. The content presented in the Memories part of Facebook is not new, however it is in new in the form of a single section making it easy for you to check out and share anytime.

What are Facebook Memories all about? The daily memories posts don’t limit to the basic memories you have posted. The ‘Friends Made on this Day’ feature helps you to view and include the gang of friends you have made on the same day in the past. Your also reminded of the special collages and videos that celebrate your ‘Friendversaries’ (a term coined by Facebook) and your friendships.

You might have seen such video collages popping up in the News Feed just before the collection of shared photos that also feature upbeat music. Along with these memories, you might even come across those that you have missed. This is especially for those who haven’t logged in often enough to view the passed daily memories in their feeds.

Another feature that you’ve probably noticed is the monthly or seasonal memories bundled into a short message or video created by Facebook automatically. These are often shared into people’s news feeds. Facebook was one of the first social media networks to introduce such memory capsules. This has encouraged people to share more on the network, especially during the times when organic sharing is reducing in numbers.

Additionally, the company has tried various kinds of things just to push people to post their comments or own messages on their friend’s updates. Like adding support for GIF in comments or colored backgrounds for a status update, this feature has been widely used and adopted. This especially entices teens to share their personal tidbits and generally renews friendships that may have been put on your back burner.

What are Facebook Memories Doing to Affect Digital Marketing?

From a marketing perspective, this is the ultimate form of retargeting. You get to revive old content that has created a strong impression with other contacts. The following are the major sections in the memory page you might useful for marketing reasons:

● On This Day: Here, the past posts and major events of your life will be shown on today’s date. If a product or service was shared or commented on by the user, there may be a renewed interest in that product.

● Friends Made On This Day: Users can view the list of the friends you have made on this date in the past. It will contain special collages and videos for celebrating the friendvaries moments. When your company sees one of these style posts shared to someone’s wall – that may be an good opportunity to introduce your product to both people. This is provided that you are in a field of business that sells products that are used to help captivate life’s special moments, such as the new picture printed on glass company, Fracture.

● Recaps of Memories: This contains the monthly or seasonal recaps of memories bundled into a short video or message. This is a great way to help people get into a certain season such as Christmas and can lead to hits on websites offering Christmas gifts for friends and such.

● Memories You May Have Missed : You can come across the various posts you might have missed in the past week or so. This is another time of the lifecycle of posts that can reflect on a past product or service.

Keep in mind that not all memories that are shared are good. There might be ones that really hurt or bring out the dark and sad feelings you wanted to provide closure for. Even though the user may have decided to avoid it, now it may be the right time to embrace and overcome it. This can lead to the purchase of products or services that provide self help or email signups on websites that focus on people’s feelings and producing positivity in their lives.

What are the Facebook Memories Main Takeaways?

The Facebook Memories feature helps you to reconnect with your older self. It brings out the many memories of the past that you would have liked or forgotten. It helps companies to see how their marketing efforts have improved. It produces Google Searches that corollate with whatever feeling the post invoked on the end user. It is a welcome and well adopted piece of our social media. Adapt your websites SEO to align with friendships and memories that induce certain feelings, and you may see an increase in sales and signups.

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