Website Rank: Website SEO Report [Answer to Website Traffic]

by Kenneth Sweet
Website Rank Is Your Answer to More Free Website Traffic

Website SEO Analysis is a Monster Tool to Increase Your Google Search Results

How well does your website rank on Google search results? Are you struggling to get website traffic? Are you unsure where to start?

Well, the first step any search engine optimization expert would take is to run your website through a strict SEO Audit Reporting piece of software that provides them with a wide array of information pertaining to the website rank itself.

This report points out all of the things that can be changed on the website ranking to optimize it for a better Google search result. If Google can’t understand what your website is about, it can never index and rank it properly within its search results.

SEO experts are aware of the significance of doing regular SEO reports (or audits). People who have a vague knowledge of SEO often think of SEO audits as tedious, time-consuming work. In today’s digital era, SEO audits have become increasingly important and one should have a good understanding of it. They are also much easier to obtain today than in years past.

There are software programs built into websites that can run the entire audit process in as little as thirty seconds, you just have to know where to look. Depending on the size of your site, these reports can cost between $99 – $4999 or more, but today I am going to show you how to get as many as you want at no cost to you, and train you on exactly how to do it AND what to do with the results. So read on or watch the video above explaining the importance of SEO Reports.

Website Reports: What Is an SEO Report (sometimes referred to as an SEO Audit or SEO Analysis)?

An SEO Report checks your website’s health and provides all kinds of valuable website information (referred to as an ‘on-page SEO’ practice). It offers suggestions on optimizing your website so that Google has no trouble understanding what your website is about, the products or services you offer, and where potential customers can reach you via specific proprietary algorithms developed for these purposes.

Google regularly alters its algorithm in accordance with the latest technology and internet search patterns. These updates are well monitored by any good SEO Agency and they alter their SEO services to match Google’s newest guidelines as these updates happen.

Conducting an SEO audit is the first thing digital marketers or firms do. This audit allows them to analyze the current SEO strategies employed by your website, irrespective of how spare or prolific they are. Based on the audit results, quick action can be taken to rectify any errors, bring the website in line with Google’s criteria, and enhance the experience of website users.

Website Rank and SEO Report Insights

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Out of the various internet marketing strategies, Search Engine Optimization and SEO audit results are among the most significant. An audit provides extensive insight and an overview of where your website’s rank is currently standing. It also gives the SEO Report holder an exact picture of how to fix the reported errors. An SEO report is a the first step in the simple process to strengthening and altering a website’s online relevancy.

Cutting-edge SEO Report Software gives you the ability to run your website side by side against your competitors. This can show you what they are doing right or wrong, and provide you with tools to exceed their digital marketing efforts by improving your website rank until you achieve a higher website ranking.

It covers all the necessary website components like site architecture, content-related issues, backlink analysis, indexing, social media engagement, proper usage of titles, keyword placement, and much more. Understanding these metrics and working to correct them is your first step through the digital marketing door.

This basically highlights the strengths and weaknesses that a website rank has and shows you exactly how it appears in the natural search queries of Google (as long as it’s at least been optimized to be included in Google search results). You should always use Google Search Console to register new websites and request that they are indexed (which means they are included in Google’s search results).

Your personal website rank (with a ranking system from 1-100) is the most important piece of information you can have about your site. It doesn’t matter if you do it yourself or have a website design ‘expert’ take care of it for you. You can get the same results. The tough part is transitioning those results into on-page changes that will increase your score and your online visibility. You can learn to do these things alone or hire an agency to do them for you. It just depends on your available time and ability to learn quickly. 

It’s invaluable information being able to see how much optimization work was actually integrated into the website’s original development. Far too often, website designers do not optimize the website rank during its creation. This is either because they want to skip some steps to produce quick results or because they simply don’t know how. At Lead Website Design, we configure every website that we build to be optimized for on-page SEO. This saves us time later when the customer is ready to do online digital marketing and is (simply put) the right way to build a website.

Based on a comprehensive SEO audit and evaluation of your website, a report will be generated. This will highlight the details of any current issues and recommendations for corrections that are needed to assist website owners in fulfilling their website objectives.

The report will take into account various on-site and off-site issues, forming the basis for a solid SEO strategy moving forward. Altogether, our reporting software grades your website on 70 key factors that Google uses to set your website’s search engine ranking. It gives the website ranking as an overall score of 1-100. Anything over 70 is a good score and indicates that the site has had some optimization done to it, either when it was created or afterwards by an SEO agency. Anything under a score of 50 requires immediate help and should be seriously considered for third party assistance.

Website Score: Benefits of Having an SEO Analysis

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The following are benefits of having an SEO Report done for your businesses website or blog:

Gain details from competitors and know how to be ahead of them. By running a side by side report you can use it to crush your competition. Utilize their backlinks. Make more creative and captivating titles. Change your meta description to have a higher click through rate when both your site and your competitors are shown in the search results.

Be aware of your website’s current health status and gain knowledge regarding the issues that could be hindering your business’ online visibility. These include your titles, categories, tags, descriptions, alt tags on images and more.

Increase the domain authority of your website by applying correct SEO strategies. Domain authority is just another way of how Google and Moz look at the trustworthiness of your website. You want to come from a respected place of high authority. The higher your website authority, the more trust Google has in your website. It shows that you are not a fly by night company and are a source of information that is here to stay.

This method provides the best opportunity for optimizing your website rank for SEO and fixing the identified on-page issues. The free SEO Analysis tool we are going to give you today gives you over 70 key ranking factors of your website and guides you through the process of improving your website rank. It can be done alone. Just click on the little ‘gear’ icon on the upper right of each section of the report. One gear means it is optimized properly. Two gears mean it’s a bit challenging to fix. Three gears indicates you need to have some experience or be a quick learner to handle this type of website alteration.

Assists in creating a plan for improving sales, leads, and conversions. After seeing your site layout, your analytics team can help restructure the site’s set up to be more user friendly and provide your users with a better overall customer experience. This can lead to more clicks on what you are wanting or sales in your field.

Find out if all of your web pages are crawled and indexed by the search engines. Indexing simply means that the search engine has the ability to visit your site, go through all its inbound pages, and then present them into their search results for people using the search engine to find. The more pages or posts you have indexed, the more chances Google has to rank you and the more avenues customers have of finding your website.

You will have a better understanding of the factors affecting the search engine ranking of your website. If there is a problem indexing your site, many times the search engine crawlers can identify this issue and provide you with information to fix it. You want to be aware of any indexing issues immediately so that your website rank is not affected by negative results with Google causing it to not be included in search engines at all.

Websites Scoring and Some of the Key Factors Found in an SEO Report

As we have seen above, an SEO audit is just a checkup of your system to find out how well it functions in the eyes of Google. Some of the important areas the SEO Audit covers include:

Keyword Usage: An SEO audit report will help you find out whether your keyword usage is placed well, on point, and able to bring in good traffic. It will also show how many times the most popular words on your page appear. This helps with keyword density. You want to keep your keyword density for your primary keyword under 3%. That is just a guideline. Basically you want to have your keyword in your main title tag (H1 Header). You want to also have it within the first 100 words of content and then you just want to sprinkle it through the content a few more times where it makes sense to do so. You should also use keyword synonyms throughout your article so Google can recognize your intent.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing): LSI is a term referring to the intent and context behind a possible search. For example, if you were to search for ‘technology’, Google’s AI progresses and helps to provide a better understanding of the search and provides more thorough results that are based around that search term. This is just one of the ways which account for things like secondary and long-tail keywords having more frequency when it comes to them showing up in search results.

Organic Search Ranking: This is the big one. This is a how you are currently ranking on Google for your targeted keywords, and what it is going to take to rise up that ladder. Sometimes you might be paying for sponsored ads. In that case, you would be looking for ways to cut down on this particular spending. If you can achieve organic search engine placement, you can stop paying for ads forever. Through an SEO audit, you can find out how you are doing in organic searches and be provided lessons and tips to raise your natural (and free) ranking.

● Keeping Up With Competition: If you check, 90% of the time your competitors are not performing SEO on their websites. This goes tenfold for a smaller market where your natural competition is just a handful of businesses. This makes targeting the keywords you are after in your market more easily obtainable. The smaller your competition, the easier it is to rank for any certain term. This is great for tertiary markets where you may be one of 2 to 5 companies online using digital marketing to drive sales. Your competitors would be less likely to use an SEO Audit to know more about their keyword placement and verify their links, meta tags, and everything else to make sure that they are competing with you. So, in many cases, it doesn’t take much to direct a high percentage of the organic search traffic for your area.

Have A Good Understanding Of Problematic Code:


With an SEO audit report, you can review your website’s backend for various bugs and other issues. Here you can learn about the issues that are slowing down or pushing you back in the search ranking. This can range from metadata not being inserted correctly,  to the website’s speed being slowed down due to improper CSS and JS scripts. Another big thing that can slow you down are WordPress plugins. You can always view your error log in your file manager under “public_html”. This will show any plugins that are wasting your hosting resources with unnecessary scripts running in the background while you  have people trying to use your website. 

If you don’t have expert knowledge in this, you will need the assistance of an experienced web developer. We are one such developer, should you require these services to be done for you, and we do it at some of the most affordable rates online today. You can reach us on our “contact” page or by using our “support” services. Just click here.

Site And Crawl Audits

Another aspect of an SEO Report is that it does a comprehensive site crawl. Using this tool, you can easily assess the current situation and find out if there are any issues that are within your website. Crawling sets the baseline for the rest of the audit. Crawling is just a computer program going through all the links, pages, and posts on your website and making a log of errors to report back to you.

It is also a good practice to run an SEO analysis report each month to monitor the website’s basic factors like conversions, bounce rate, and page views. This is to highlight any major issues such as page titles and meta-data, on-page errors in the form of broken links, duplicate content, etc that may have occurred in the website’s recent past. You can also see where your website is functioning well and getting the desired results of the website users.

If you can find any significant issues, contact an SEO professional for assistance and detailed instructions on how to fix said errors. Again, Lead Website Design does this for clients every day so should such a need arise – feel free to use our ‘contact’ page to get an affordable SEO and Website Development team on your side. We work on any budget and can finance any work you need us to. This monthly financing option has a 0% interest and you do not have to have any credit to qualify. We will help you get better results at affordable prices.

Some of the major checks done while crawling are:

  • URL Structure: Checks if all your URLs are clean, unique, and simple.
  • Content: Is your website content formatted, well-written, fresh, and informative.
  • Meta Description: Are they unique for each page and of the correct length?
  • Links: Are you having an average of five to ten inbound and outbound links per page? Are you linking to other pages or posts within your own website? Do they all work?
  • Images: Are the descriptions and alt tags correct in the image files?
  • Website Structure: Is it easy to navigate and does it provide a positive customer experience?

With a proper check, your landing page can be analyzed. It will even try to find out how it is related to other pages. Are the user-friendliness of the page, menu, banners, and ads effective or not? Are they converting to sales, email signups or whatever the goal of the visitor is?

Website Page Speed

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One crucial factor related to the SEO Analysis of a website, is your website page speed. This is measured on both desktop and mobile versions of your website. A faster site speed promotes a more positive user experience while a slow page speed will lead to higher bounce rates and a limited attention span. A ‘bounce’ is when someone clicks on a search result to visit your site and then immediately clicks the back button. This helps Google to decide if that website rank is a good fit for the requested search result. You can run a quick Google Page Speed test by clicking here. 

Also, if a user clicks on your link from Google and the site loads for an extended period of time before populating on the user’s screen, they are highly likely to back up in their browser and choose another website to visit from Googles other links. In fact, if your site is to slow and Google identifies it as a problem, they may remove your website from their search engines altogether.

Assessing Website Architecture

Another major factor that an SEO Report brings is the ability to improve the website’s search engine optimization and ensuring that it has a solid structure. Here the better the architecture used in the websites design, the better it will be for the user’s overall experience.

This will increase the user’s time spent on your website. This is the number of visitors each month who stay on your website for a specific period of time browsing around on different pages than the one they landed on when they first arrived at your site. This lets Google know that your customers are enjoying your website and is reflected by Google’s higher ranking the next time your website comes up in Google search results.

Checking Website Content

Website content plays a major role in the on-page SEO factor. This will deeply influence your website’s effectiveness. Google often checks and is impressed with the content that is regularly updated, unique, and relevant to the preferences and needs of online searchers. You want to try to create killer, actionable content that users can consume when they are on your website. The better the engagement by users, the better you will naturally rank on the web. I come back and alter posts all the time, adding new pictures, graphs or videos to increase user engagement. This keeps the posts fresh and makes the content more sought after. It also makes Google pay more attention to my website.

Content is defined by anything you add to your website to engage your website’s audience. These could be blog posts, videos, infographics, downloadable content such as e-books, audio files, and many other forms of content marketing. It’s good to have a mix and to monitor which type of media is best for your demographic. That will help you make your content marketing schedule and get more user engagement. A schedule is always a good thing to make before you make any content. This will help your website rank well. That way you have the research done and the plan in place prior to creating anything. It also keeps you on a deadline with your content and your users will appreciate continuous updates from your site on a regular basis.

Checking Meta Tags

Another important advantage of the SEO Report is that it checks your meta tags. Your website needs to have a descriptive and concise title tag and meta description that conveys the purpose of your website content as well as the pages themselves. Your posts also need a meta description. A meta description is a short (up to 155-160 word) description of the website content the user will get when they click on your links. Try using hot keywords like Best, Top, 2020 or Insane in your titles and meta tags. They have the ability to draw in crowds and when your link is being compared to another one in a search result – your title and meta tags play a huge role in where the user is going to focus their attention.

If you have a long title tag, it will be cut off by the Google search engine. An optimal title is between 55-60 characters in length. These are the links and descriptions shown in a Google search for your website. Click here to learn more about content marketing.

You should also make sure that you add relevant keywords as much as possible in the meta tags for each page. If they are optimized properly, they can incentivize the searchers to click through the listing on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of your website rank. This is one of the most important SEO factors in 2020. If you want to learn more about SEO factors that are important to the success of your website, click here.

Website Rankings Overall Last Thoughts:

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SEO Reports play a major role in your overall SEO strategies. A good and informative audit of your website will provide the necessary details regarding your path to good website and SEO tactics. Plus, it will inform you of which of your SEO methods have been productive and which are not because of their lack of implementation.

As a final thought, our company Lead Website Design has been in the online business since 2004. Our team of experts can get your website on track to do exactly what you want it to do, bring in new customers.

If you don’t currently have a website, we can build you a custom-designed professional website that marries your company’s image to an online image that’s sure to make you feel proud of it. Contact us via our ‘contact’ page or call us at 214.548.0883 for more information. A few of our previous client’s websites and stories are located on our website’s portfolio section.

Lastly, we promise that these SEO Reports are not hard to find if you know where to look. We offer a free software program on this very site that can run your report in about a minute. Simply scroll to the menu at the top of the page and click ‘Free SEO Report’ or click here. That will take you to the software we have built on our website for your convenience.

Simply type in the name of any website on the web and you will soon get a report of detailed information to get you on your way to better search results and more website traffic.

It’s 100% free to use but if you want to unlock all of the report features or download the report in the form of PDF to take with you, you’ll need to create a quick account. This keeps people from using bots to run unlimited reporting and slowing down our system. If you create an account, you can also view the estimated value of your website, based on several key factors including your Alexa ranking. This will let you know where you stand on the resell value of  your website based on all of your hard work.

Thank you for reading and please subscribe to our blog below in order to get more valuable content like this delivered straight to your inbox. Enjoy the software. We created it for you and there is more coming. We are always looking for ways to engage you, our audience, and help you to build better and higher ranking websites.

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