SEO Marketing Company: Value of Understanding SEO Reporting

by Kenneth Sweet
SEO Marketing Company: SEO Reports and Why They Are Crucial

SEO Marketing Company: Presents Clients With Valuable SEO Analytics

Studies and reports in 2019 showed that the global SEO industries’ worth was more than $80 billion. With a business primed for success in their field, it’s important to understand what types of services they provide and how an informed buyer can monitor their success.

Irrespective of whether you are working for an SEO company or a part of the SEO team, reports are something that distinguishes whether you have been successful in your SEO tactics or not. These are great tools for measuring both your wins and opportunities to restructure your goals.

There is no doubt in the fact that a regular SEO report shows off the progress you have made in terms of the campaigns you have deployed. It should display the ROI, conversions and whatever metrics were agreed upon when your signed up your client. This provides and justifies why your business choose to apply the particular market approach that your company is providing for your customer. These should be provided at least once a month and hopefully show your increased productivity. You can also use this analysis to figure out where you may be struggling and how your agency can improve for better results in all categories.

SEO Marketing Company: Regular Reports and Why That is a Mandatory Task

Like most client reports, an SEO Analysis is one of the best ways to communicate to clients (these can be your customer or whoever you report to). It should easily be able to be understood. It should also show the impacts that your SEO tactics have had on their business.

However, there is one major issue. Most of the custom SEO reports won’t always depict the whole picture of the search engine optimization metrics. Don’t butter up your reports. Just analyze the month (or however often you provide your customer with all the analytics of your campaign) and lay it out for your client with both the good and the bad. This can help to identify areas of opportunity for the next follow up deadline.

SEO Reporting Should Include Some Minimum Requirements.

We are currently in the year 2020 and most business owners and marketing managers are aware of using Google Analytics to view their website’s status. Here, it is no longer just about sending reports once a month that displays the traffic for the last thirty days or the conversions accomplished. It’s also about analyzing the metrics that have opportunity for improvement.

For stakeholders, there is more to it. At the same time, people would get cranky if they have to read 100 pages or more of a report filled with all the metrics under the sun. Make sure your report is minimized to what the goals of your prospective clients are expecting. Also, some of them would be meaningless in terms of the context marketing that the clients are being presented. 

SEO Marketing Company: What Should be Included in a Good Client SEO Report

SEO reports must display minimum details like:

Measurements Over Last Report: What is the progress from the last report to your current one? Is the needle moving in the right direction and aligns with your agreed upon success indicators?

On Page SEO Metrics: Is your websites on page SEO getting corrected? Are you seeing a better on page website SEO score? If you want to check your companies website score for on page SEO, I offer a free SEO Audit here on my website. All you have to do is type your site into the search bar and let my software analyze your website for you. It’s located on this page.

Targeted SEO Content Releases: Are you being informed of potential content marketing that can be used to correctly give your audience the best content? Is this content creation used properly to get your audience engaged and to inspire more trust for your company or brand?

What activities will take place during the next billing cycle? Are your projected conversion goals The main focus of these SEO activities. Is enough custom content being released over the next cycle to inspire the greatest targeted demographics response?

What’s the main focus of the next billing cycle? Are your content calendars up to date with the best way to digitally market your products and services to your prospective clients impressions, cost per click, cost per lead or your estimated cost per conversion. That conversion could be almost anything. Calls to your company, website traffic hits, email addresses secured for future direct contact and more.

Are your customers being retargeted using the information collected via analytics? The report about the metrics that matter to your companies marketing success should be included ever time. This helps you to see your return on investment and to make sure your marketing budget is being utilized properly. Also, communicating the progress effectively against the predefined KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and effectively providing details on what is bringing the most success. They should also include a schedule of content that is meant to increase your company branding towards your target market.

Necessity Of Producing Regular SEO Reporting for Your Company

It is common knowledge that SEO is a big deal and almost required to show significant improvements for the hiring businesses. Just think of it as a channel for increasingly gaining more and more attention and investment.

Businesses depend on SEO strategies as a major key to their entire marketing platform. Also, CFOs, business owners, and other major stakeholders want to see the return on their marketing investments. This is the major reason you need to come up with regular SEO reports to provide progress updates. Along with that, you do need to realize that an SEO report is best left in the hands of your companies marketing analysts. Let whoever has the most knowledge of understanding your reporting process in comparison to your original objectives handle the analytics.

If you are an SEO analyst, you need to ensure that your SEO reporting is being performed correctly. This will make your job easier. If the reports are missing key elements, ask the SEO company you hired to include those metrics in your regular report. The right report can help you identify the trends (which are both negative and positive), find out the areas where you more attention is required and view the insights you need to measure it’s success. When you select the right metrics for reporting, then the report will become more valuable to your brand or company.

Selecting The Required SEO Reporting Metrics And KPI’s

As your companies assigned SEO analyst, you must be receiving reporting on metrics that matter to your end goals. For different businesses, this will vary. The metrics you choose to add must make it clear that the reports are utilized for communicating the success, progress, and actions needed to maximize marketing efforts.

If you end up reporting on just a few metrics that aren’t directly aligned with your end goals, it won’t provide a clear picture of your key performance indicators. On the flip side if your reports are on a lot of metrics, any person reading it will simply lose interest and it makes it difficult to pick out the relevant information.

The trick lies in focusing on those metrics that mean the most to the business. If you check the local business’s reporting needs, their local SEO tactics will be different from client to client. Different methods would be followed by an online store for their their e-commerce intended results as compared to an online blog that is mostly focused on website traffic and low bounce rates.

SEO Marketing Company Client Communication: The Final Word

The SEO report that you are presented and turn in to the stakeholders of the company must give them a clear picture of what steps have taken and their results. Also, it should show whether you have achieved your SEO and marketing goals or if your company is on the right track to keep improving these critical indicators. If you don’t feel like the company your using is right for your business, don’t be afraid to research what other SEO Marketing Companies offer. Pricing varies dramatically and a lot of times you can get a better customer experience out of a smaller firm who has more time to focus on your companies priorities.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. I will do my best to respond to each one in a relatively timely manner.

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