SEO Backlinks: What Not to Do When Building Site Backlinks

by Kenneth Sweet
SEO Backlinks abs What Not to Do When Building Backlinks

SEO Backlinks: White Hat techniques and Backlinks You Should Avoid

Most SEO experts know that link building is a huge part of your websites SEO strategy. A backlink is simply a link to your website from another persons website. These are considered a sponsorship of sorts and it also increases your websites natural popularity. The more popular and the more sponsored your website is, the more domain authority that Google provides. So the more quality backlinks you have, the better for your future search engine rankings

It is not surprising to see various marketers, webmasters, and website owners in a deep craze for increasing their numbers. However, not all people are aware of the methods involved in link building and the efforts put in. Building backlinks correctly is time consuming and tedious, but the results your website will see are invaluable.

SEO BackLinks Building Is A Serious Business

What might surprise you is that for each of the quality backlinks you get, there could be dozens or more of backlinks created if you used “Black Hat” Marketing. Black hat SEO strategies are down-and-dirty tactics resulting in a short-term SEO spike. However, they will result in tanking your ranking for the long term. They are against Googles best practices and will be removed as Google continues to change its algorithm. “White Hat” on the flip side is a backlink created ethically and correctly that Google will respect, index and reference for future use. They also legitimately increase your domains authority and can help lead to better long term SERP (search engine page results) placement.

Things To Avoid While Doing Building SEO Backlinks

There are several things you should avoid when trying to create backlinks to your website. Following are the things you should avoid or never plan on doing while working on creating good, quality backlinks:

Purchasing Or Selling Links

An important thing you have to consider is to avoid purchasing links from other sites, just for the sake of getting backlinks. Chances are there that you might get banned by search engines for doing so. Search engines support and love only natural links. Rather than buying, take the assistance of a freelancer and develop guest posts and get them published on relevant blog sites with backlinks to your page or leave relative comments on other blogs that are in the same category as your niche.

Linking With Websites That Have a Bad Reputation

Always avoid linking websites with a bad reputation like the duplicate content sites, illegal sites, auto-blogging sites, copied websites and spam sites, etc. Keep in mind that search engines won’t like these kinds of sites and won’t like yours if you have linked to them. Also, don’t link to sites that target very specific users sites like gambling or porn. These links can also be looked down upon. Ideally you want your links to come from other, high authority websites that have similar content as your site.

Don’t Get Backlinks From High Authority Domains Only

Of course, it is a great idea to get backlinks from high DA websites. However, it would provide better results if you keep a mix of high and low DA. Sometimes, if you create too many high PR links and no low PR links, it will not look authentic to search engines. Why would only the most popular websites be linking to you?

Avoid Reciprocal Linking

Always called ‘Link Exchange,’ the reciprocal link means entering into an agreement with other websites for cross-linking with each other website. Here this can even means purchasing another domain, just for the sake of cross-linking.  Simply put, reciprocal links are when you link to a website and in exchange they link back to you.

As per Google, this is somewhat negative as it just creates strategies based on who would link to what relevant content with an intention of getting links back. Here there isn’t any issue in asking another website mentioning your website and to add a link, but it is better to avoid going overboard and linking to each other as that is considered “Black Hat”. You can get links from other sites by creating good content and informing them about it. You don’t need to link back to them.

Gaining No-Follow SEO Backlinks

You have to keep in mind that no-follow links are not useful for your website in terms of ranking, especially on Google. A nofollow link is when a website builds a link to you, but in the programming code specified that this link is not to be followed by search crawlers. They are specifically saying they do not endorse the link included. However if you want to rank on top in Bing, you need to continue building no-follow links. They love them and count them in your total link count.

It’s actually a good idea to have a mix of do-follow and no-follow SEO Backlinks. This builds up your websites authority and your websites confidence factor within search engines globally. Also no-follow links are still links that are posted on the host website, which can lead to clicks directly on that link and build more free traffic for your website.

Even though Google has made it clear that they are going to ignore no-follow tags most of the time, if you are working on building links, work on getting do-follow links too. Get a good mix and get them on a mix of high and low domain authority sites. All “White Hat” links are good links to have on a long enough timeline and this is most definitely a “White Hat” SEO mechanic.

Avoid Anchor Text Spam

Now, this might be hard to define; still, the idea is not to overload your content with optimized anchor text. Here it means both on your website and those websites that you are linked to. If you feel that you are hyperlinking for every keyword present on the same page of your website, then the time has come to stop doing it. Use synonyms and other keywords within your anchor text or if your page is overloaded with anchor text backlinks, stop linking to that page all together. Remember, you need to create links for all the pages and posts on your website – not just the home page.

Avoid Building Tons Of Link In a Short Span

You should not build a lot of links at a time, as this might make the search engines feel that your website is a using a program to build your links or some other “Black Hat” strategy. Sometimes it would make search engines remove the website from indexing, meaning your website would be banned from being featured on their search engine results. So, it is better to avoid link building in a hurry. 

Final Verdict on SEO Backlinks

Backlink building is a tough process. But it is an effective way to get a good ranking in top search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google. If you are planning on creating a campaign for improving your search engine visibility through link building, then create a list of the target relevant websites. These can be blogs, profile pages, directories or any other relevant website that promotes your niche. Then go through the list one at a time creating high quality, manual SEO backlinks. Your effort will not go unnoticed and your search engine results will raise over time. Remember, it takes Google time to find these links and you should let its bits find them over time. Again, this build overall website credibility as it appears that your links are happening gradually throughout time as new users discover your site. Never use any site linking programs or applications and if you purchase links, buy them from a “White Hat” manual link creator.

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