Search Engine Submission: Is it Necessary for SEO In 2020?

by Kenneth Sweet
Search Engine Submission Required for 2020

Search Engine Submission: Is it Even Needed Anymore?

The simple answer- No. The 20th Century is an era of globalization and information technology and has made tremendous progress. The whole world seems to be squeezed due to the speedy means of communication. In the Coved 19 pandemic, information technology has made more space in the international economy and now a day all business transactions are being made through information technology and online trading. Online businesses are toughing out the heights of its popularity and its usefulness beyond all doubts.

Nowadays, traditional marketing has been replaced by digital marketing and all multinational companies and national level companies are using their websites for the promotion of their products. The simple idea of online shopping is in full vogue and people are now purchasing within it, which makes it easy for both the purchaser and seller. During this ongoing pandemic, online shopping is considered to be more safe and easier to avoid public interaction which is considered to be a major reason of spread of Corona cases.

Search Engine Submission for Your Articles is no Longer Needed

Search engine submissions were considered to be important in the past when companies entered their URLs in the search list of Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft so that their companies may attract the traffic of customers or clients and in this way. The products of their companies were marketed but now we can say that Search engine submission is now outdated because now other social media channels are being used for digital marketing of companies and products or services of companies.

Now Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other several hindered search engines are able to crawl websites on a regular basis. This enables new posts or pages of content to be discovered on its own, negating the need for manual article submissions. If you DO submit your article to a search engine, be sure to submit it only once. This will stop any problems of duplicate content submissions and you should only have to submit it one time (at your discretion) to get the article indexed.

Now almost all local, national and multinational level companies are operating their Facebook pages, twitter accounts, and Instagram accounts for the promotion of their companies and its products or services. Search engines automatically add the contents of companies from these social media accounts and whenever anybody searches about any specific company, the search engine gives the results of their search. Searchers get the required content on these social media accounts so it is not necessary to add URLs of companies in the list of search engine submissions.

Apps are also being used for the commercial operations and companies like Kareem and UBER are operating their taxi services through apps that are being used by a high number of citizens who are enjoying the services of these companies at very competitive rates.

Food panda has developed its app through which people are getting their favorite dishes served at their doorsteps. Cell phone companies are giving the services of banks and now almost every cell phone user is operating its bank account on their cell phones. Making online payments, paying utility bills, and transferring cash is just part of the norm now.

Device Platforms Increase in On Board Advertising

Cell phone companies are also providing the services of digital marketing and now every cell phone user receive products and services promotional messages on his/her cell phone and get information about the latest promotions of commercial companies. In this way, companies are utilizing information technology for the promotion of their products and services at less expensive and speedier way. Those companies, which are not doing digital marketing, are far behind in the race of commercialization and facing problems their own problems of their survival.

So we can conclude, that for better results of products or services promotion, companies will have to use information technology so that they may be accessible to millions and billions of customers through most speedy way and will have to use social media channels to make their companies, searchable on search engines and get the desired results of digital marketing to flourish their business or other endeavors.

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