Influencer Marketing and How to Use in 2020

Influencer Marketing Hub: How to Leverage New Marketing Platforms

Influencer marketing is considered to be one of the best strategies in marketing that can be used today. Many experts have given their view as it is the single best method of marketing available today.

This used to be just a pipe dream for smaller companies unless they are somehow are loaded with a huge marketing budget to take a chance of getting noticed, used and promoted by a person of influence. Now it’s more competitive and affordable than any time in the past. Just Google ‘Influencer Marketing’ on the web and you will find it to be a low cost and competitive marketplace.

You may think that if you have a small to medium-sized business that influencer marketing is out of your grasp. However, with the rise of Influencer Marketing Hub spots has come an opportunity for almost anyone to take advantage of this SEO pipe dream. Here is an influencer marketing hub that has a 30-day free trial and there is no credit card needed. They also have the world’s largest influencer databases, with around 10 million influencers. Anyone can find a match for an influencer to help market their product or service.

Over the last couple of years, influencer marketing has become one of the essential parts of marketing on the internet. You would be hard-pressed to find any company in the world who does not want to take advantage of influencer marketing. Who doesn’t want someone who has a heavy fan following to use and talk about their products?

Being one of the most powerful tools in marketing, influencer marketing hub companies allow you to reach the audience that you target in a very different and unique way that is never been seen in any other marketing technique.

Since influencer marketing has been growing and getting into a mature form in the industry, it has led companies straight from startups to success stories. More applications are making the process more simplified for influencers and the brands that want to be used by them.

One form of influencer marketing is organic influencer marketing. This is considered to be a slow and very tedious task. Especially when it is related to searching for and wooing influencers into the promotion of the products and services of the company seeking out their attention gradually over time. It is fantastic if it happens for your company and it can change the face of the business overnight. But for most of us, we will have to pursue a more aggressive type technique.

Social Media is one of the best channels to use with Influencer Marketing. You can take advantage of someone’s followers on their chosen social media channel and use them to promote your product or service to their fans. If you are interested in social media with the use of influencer marketing, click here to learn all about social media marketing.

Influencer Marketing Hub Companies Help Connect Business to Influencers

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Reports published in 2019 have shown a sharp increase of around 320 new influencer marketing-focused agencies. This makes a total of over 1000 businesses in the US alone. In 2015, it was just 190 companies Yes n total. Such an impact has made influencer marketing one of the most sought after types of digital marketing.

The frenzy has created a new process for the marketing world. Recent stats depict that the figures rose too 335 influencer marketing hubs in 2016, 420 businesses in 2017, and 740 total in the year 2018. That more than doubled what it was just two years ago. In 2020 it is expected that the influencer marketing market will be worth at an estimated 9.7 billion dollars. Here’s a chart showing the growth courtesy of influencermarketinghub.com. The reported estimates make this type of marketing something you may want to learn more about. You would be wise to do so.

On average it is said that with the utilization of influencer marketing, you are getting back $18 on every $1 spent on business promotion. Those numbers are staggering and it’s no wonder companies are using more and more celebrities to advertise their products each year. If I could get $18 back on every dollar I ever spent on marketing, I would not need to type blog posts. I would be relaxing on an island having a meitei while I paid other people to make content for me. With these type of returns, almost anyone would be interested in pursuing this type of digital marketing.

Initially, it was said that influencer marketing was just a trend, but it has been steadily increasing in both sales and awareness. It has transformed the way brands interact with customers. Now the situation is that if influencer marketing is not being used, you are behind in your growth.

It’s becoming more normal to use others followers to capture an audience’s attention. It’s almost common place to utilize this marketing effort and the payoffs can be outstanding. If you are interested in marketing on Facebook, with or without an influencers, we recommend you learn more about it by clicking on this link.

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Some of the reasons why influencers perform better than other marketing avenues:

  1. Influencers create content that keeps audiences engaged: It is true that influencers create a large base of followers because of their personal brands and content. They understand the pulse of the audience and they know what type of content attracts them. When content is created based on the interests of an audience, it creates a sense of bond and embodies trust with them.
  • Making use of contests: One of the most unique methods used by influencers is leveraging the use of contests. Creating contests and providing giveaways are some of the strategies used to create a positive feeling associated with a product. The promotion of products to a target audience can be used to create traffic to a website and increase that company’s presence on social media at the same time. This comes in the form of new likes and followers. Having a creative contest as a strategy creates an engaging audience. This inspires and creates curiosity among people online. This is great for business branding. It’s a fantastic way to get your company in front of otherwise untold viewers.
  • Use of referral programs from Influencers: Referral programs can be one of the best strategies for getting ROI from the campaigns that are running for the client. Recent studies show that Twitter revealed that they added an increase of around 88% increase in their overall use by using influencers such Howie Mandel, from “America’s Got Talent”. The intention of purchasing this type of campaign is that the consumers of a product will be more apt to use that product when it is promoted by a well known and trusted influencer. Whenever you are running a referral program, influencers need to be properly informed about the brand so they can market it properly on their social media channels. As result followers see influencers using your brand name, and it creates a certain trust that leads to the increase of that brand’s overall value.
  • Participating in your blog activities: You can make use of a well-known influencer to give you a good guest post to your website’s blog. This can help to drive heaps of traffic to various platforms. It’s an SEO opportunity as well because if you don’t optimize your content, the lifecycle of the post can be short-lived. When the influencer shares the link of the blog, it creates recognition and brand awareness within his or her followers. Seeing the link of the influencer, the general public gets a feeling that the target blog is trustworthy and it creates followers for them as well. It’s like having your tweet repeated from a celebrity, but with the traffic coming from a direct, sponsored source.

Influencer Marketing Hubs are for Everyone:

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The use of the right influencer marketing strategy could give you some seriously positive results. It can help to develop your brand and can make it a household name in a matter of weeks. But in order to get successful results, you need to have three important components – availability of the right platform, selecting of right influencer, and the use of the right strategy. All these are needed to be a hit and these components all complement each other.

If you are a small to medium-sized business and are interested in having an influencer promote your product, search Google for influencer marketing agencies and shop around. These guys are like talent agencies. They all have different celebrities and well-known people in any certain niche. Some of them are surprisingly affordable and the proper training to the influencer can directly affect a company’s success. So go and gain some followers. The return on your investment is so great that it at least deserves a couple of bucks and a few phone calls.

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