Increase Website Traffic With What You Already Know and Have

by Kenneth Sweet
Increase Website Traffic With What You Already Know and Have

What are Some Effective, Low Cost Ways to Gain Traffic in a Relatively Short Amount of Time?

Newer companies with a finite budget often want to see increased traffic as fast as possible without having to break the bank. Here are several suggestions that will help to achieve notable results.

Launch a PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign

Paid advertising is an effective way to drive traffic to your website quickly, and it is a well proved and effective short-term strategy for newly built websites.

However, after your PPC campaign is finished, you’ll most likely see your traffic flow start to shallow…So, It would be mistake to rely SOLELY on a PPC campaign as your primary source of website traffic for long-term results.

Post Unique and Engaging Content on Your Website

Create in-depth and well-written content that will naturally attract visitors to your website. This tried and true rule has always worked.

Devote some time to crafting evergreen content that will not only drive people to your website, but also keep them engrossed so they stay on your page for a substantial amount of time.

A great rule of thumb is sure to hit on hot industry topics with a unique point of view in order to set your site apart from your competition.

Build Relationships with Influencers

Build Relationships with Influencers

Content creation itself is only half the battle: to get impressive results, you’ll also need to devote time to content promotion. Build relationships with well known and widely accepted leaders and influencers in your industry and try to get them to talk about your posts.

Creating strong, mutually beneficial relationships takes time, but the results are totally worth it.

Be Active on Relevant Social Media Platforms and in Niche Communities

 If you want to increase your website traffic you will have to be active online on every social media platform to promote your site. Use these platforms to promote special offers, make people aware of your website, and share snippets of your original content that link to one or more of your web pages.

The more presence you have and consistently maintain, the more credibility you gain, this increasing the amount of traffic on your website.

Try Guest Blogging

Publishing guest posts is a good way to get backlinks, especially if the blogs you are posting on allow you to utilize follow links (even if you do not get any).

Focusing on a couple of specific traffic channels or on a broad range of them? This is the most effective aspect you must be for promoting your website traffic.

Here are some answers to questions regarding website traffic in general that will be helpful for all website owners.

Convert Web Traffic Via SEO

How You Can Retain Visitors and Convert Traffic?

Suppose you have gained enough traffic flowing to your website, but your goal is obviously not accomplished.

It is not enough to make people just visit your website; you need them to bring value to your company. You must make sure that people who get to your website through organic searches land on the exact page that contains the information they need.

Let us say a person comes to your website searching for a solution to moths in her closet. She looked up “how to get rid of moths in closet” on Google, then ended up on your site.

She is looking for one thing only – the solution to her moth problem. SOLVE IT! Then you have a choice:

  1. You can, right away, offer a product that will help her with moths in her closet (i.e., convert her to a customer).
  2. You can tell her: “And here are ways to solve seven other common closet problems: mustiness, dust and so on. Enter your email address here and I’ll immediately send them your way.”

Email List Building

Email list building is a great way to stay in touch with your potential customer – sometimes the only way. Continue solving your target audience’s issues via emails, build expertise, then sell them on your solution via email.

You really do have to test both avenues in order to find what works best for your specific website setup:  selling them a solution or creating a list to sell them a solution.

How Can a Company Qualify Untargeted Traffic?

Unfortunately, not every person that visits your website is ready to convert. Moreover, some of your visitors are not even your potential audience. So how can you determine if untargeted traffic is coming to your website?

One way to know you are getting a lot of untargeted traffic is if your site has a high bounce rate. If people that come to your website do not find what they need, they are likely to leave it very quickly, resulting in a high bounce rate, which can negatively affect your SEO ranking.

Although there is a great deal of information to be found regarding how to deal with untargeted traffic, for now we’ll just leave you with this quick and easy tip: you can use Google Analytics to check which sources are bringing you untargeted traffic and change the way you market your business on that platform.

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