How to use Google Trends for Your Content Marketing and SEO

by Kenneth Sweet
How to Use Google Trends for Content Marketing and SEO

How to use Google Trends with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become one of the most popular ways of marketing which is used around the world. Corporate uses various platforms to get their services to reach people. They also merchandise to people around the world. Social Media Marketing has become a source for selling digitally and for that various campaigns go hand in hand. Digital marketing has become more static as what was popular or liked by people a couple of months ago. This may not be acceptable now. New likes and platforms have evolved and are being more  widely used to people for SEO. This is how to use Google Trends properly.

Google Search has seen on daily basis questions being posted by people all over the world. They get about 4.2 billion requests for a search every single minute. They are constantly pumping out answers to them based on queries posted. Another important feature found in Google Trends is the use of Youtube video search. By using dropdown options, you can get various advantages of using targeted keywords for Youtube titles, descriptions and tags. This another example of how to use Google Trends to optimize your content.

So the question is, how do I use Google trends? Google Trends is an analysis tool which monitors the question patterns posted by people and ranks keywords based on that. The analytic data and diagrams available in Google Trends does update on your SEO strategy and keeps you updated in the keywords that you use everyday. Google Trends keeps track on the keywords for your pages and on the latest scaling keywords and long tailed keywords. It is considered to be one of the best tools for driving traffic to the site and also for getting higher rankings. This is because with a simple search on the Google Trends website anyone can see the highest searched queries from Google. You can also see what the trend is for the keywords your company may be targeting and this can promote ideas of what to optimize your website posts and pages for.

How to use Google Trends Top Features?

  • Keyword Insight: Keywords are important for doing proper SEO and is considered to be the foundation of any good SEO optimized content. Use of Google Trends makes the selection of terms seamless. The trend works in a way that the search volume shows how many people have the entered that search query. Different segments like time, country, type of industry and its search type  all can be used to narrow down your search results. The more specific you make your search, the more definitive the results. Google Trends gives you the right  interpretation of keywords usage for SEO.
  • Up to the Minute Tends: Google Trends can be useful ewhen we are trying to create new content for website or for blogs. Google Trends gives you similar terms or inputed keywords to help inspire your website SEO strategy. New topics and queries can give you higher trafficked keywords of the same category as the content you are creating. Google Trends cam also give you information on upcoming topics or desired keywords as they are on the rise.
  • Google’s Location Insights: The mapping function that is  available on Google Trends is not related to a particular country. It is segregated or split up into different metros, cities and even sub regions. This makes it easier to market your product or services to particular places where you might want to target customers. This can improve your local efforts for your websites SEO. Using specific locations and Google listings, local SEO can be multiplied for more successful results.
  • Creating Timely Content: At certain times, hot keywords can make many people jump on to the bandwagon for the use of that phrase. These are great opportunities to get in on the action and create some SEO optimized content of your own. If you are  trying to optimize your content with the expectation of generating traffic, then you need to stay on top of the internets trends. If a situation arises where keywords are getting less searches, then you need to check for the trends in the industry to possibly find higher trafficked keyword phrases for your content. This will give you the ability to gain the most viewers available at any given time for your websites optimized content.
  • Understanding Seasonal Content:  Use of content for a seasonal purpose could drastically effect the lifespan of a search query. Such content could create greater interest on Google in the coming years around the same time as it did this year. By providing content that meets the needs and expectations of users is a kind of art. This enables you to anticipate what users will be looking for and can give you the upper hand in holiday content planning.

Google Trends is one of the most simplest tools developed and launched by Google available on the market. By spending time using Google Trends, you could get insights that can improve your content and have better traffic results on your website. Many users are unable to develop good content keywords for their business and it has resulted in poor online promotional activities. Use it to prioritize the keywords your company or brand is going after and you could be the next internet’s next viral hit.

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