Google Assistant Settings: Only Good News Delivered to Feed

by Kenneth Sweet

Google Assistant Settings: Now You Only Recieve the Good Stuff

In today’s busy and modern life, itis difficult to imagine that no human being can be alone, but the reality is the opposite. As man becomes more modern, he begins to feel more lonely.

In this age of modern and scientific progress, scientific technology has also come up with a solution to this human problem. Scientific technology has introduced Google Assistant as a friend to man. It is grounded on a distinct kind of non-natural astuteness. Google Assistant not only caters to basic human needs but also does a lot of things that sometimes people can’t do.

For example, if you want to dine at a good restaurant, you can find out the address from your Google Assistant. You can also find out the address if you want to mark the acquisition. You can even chat with Google Assistant if you feel lonely.

Google Assistant Settings, like other applications, is updated over time and because of this – it gets improved. Google Assistant is introducing a new update you may find intriguing. You used to see different things and news in Google Assistant Settings. Some of these were feeds that you liked and some that you didn’t like. And for some, as a result, most people would turn off Google feeds altogether. But technology has solved that problem for you. Now you can get the feed of your choice. With this update, you can get feeds only about anything you are involved or interested in.

There’s a lot of bad news these days, from ongoing Russian election hacking to climate change to poisoned food to trade wars. To combat the perception that we’re marching toward the Apocalypse, news publishers are running dedicated “good news” sections or newsletters to counter all the depressing stuff.

Now, Google is releasing a version of it in response to the public interest. As an experiment in the United States alone, Google Assistant Solutions will respond to the “Tell Me Something Good” request by providing a variety of stories from the Journalism Network, compiling somewhat positive stories from media publishers and outlets. This requires that it is setup in Google Assistant Settings.

Google Assistant Settings Update: What’s the Point?

The purpose is to work on any device equipped with Google Assistant. According to Google’s blog post:

The stories come from a very large media magazine, produced by the Solid Journalism Network. They are an immovable non-profit solution dedicated to popularizing the practice of solution journalism, which sheds light on how difficulties essential to be resolved and how to do better. Solution journalism empowers and empowers viewers, which helps them deal with the problem of negative news. This is an important part of a balanced news diet, so we’re looking at how to add more solutions to journalism wherever you access Google News.

What Google has to Do to Improve

Instead of pointing out the inadequacy in frustration and letting it go, I have some suggestions on how Google can save this situation. I’m not leaving the ecosystem anytime soon, and their hardware efforts are better than ever. Here’s what Google needs to do.

Pay attention to their news efforts

Prevent news from merging into every single app, and create a True News app. For example, bring back news and weather as a great weather app, and focus on the newsstand.

Add to Google Chrome and the My Home Screen

Get this weird news from Chrome and My Home screen. If you want to bring stories to life in a useful feed, Google Now had APIs for third-party apps, and it works. Plugin the newsstand. If you want to forward information to stories, take care of the newsstand as well.

Provide Users With Good News That Makes Them Want to Share, Comment and Like

Just like the web content that we share on our sites, Googles Assistant Settings should provide not only good news – but also engaging news content. When we engage with the news, things get out to the general public and has the potential to go viral, which is Good for Google.

Googles news feeds are an improvement in my eyes. I’m tired of hearing about all the bad stuff. Enlighten my day and feed me with positive reports that make my day a little brighter. Do these things, and I for one am an engaged daily user.



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