Facebook Messenger Engagements: Using Social Media Marketing

by Kenneth Sweet
Facebook Marketing Using Facebook Messenger (Social Media Marketing)

Facebook Messenger Engagement Tips for Improved Digital Marketing

Some people assume online marketing surveys to be complicated and something to ignore. Currently the average email open rate for an emailed customer experience survey is around 20.81%. This shows just how far people are getting with emailed surveys. If surveys are being adopted by the end users on their digital devices, such as mobile phones – this opens the door to digitally market these same functions in other ways.

Facebook Messenger and Surveys:

Let’s get to the point. If you are going to use Facebook Messenger survey option, the benefits an be game changing. You can learn so much about how your prospective customers perceive your business and what you can do to make positive changes to your model. Some of the benifits to engagement through surveys:

● Getting a higher engagement rate. People are more likely to interact with your direct marketing methods.

● Chatbots. Use them to increase your customers results regularly. Chatbots are here to stay. They can become a treasure trove of useful customer data and intelligent responses.

● Faster and easy to fill out than an email. Your giving your clients a chance to interact with your company that doesn’t take much time and may improve their customer experience.

● Chatbots store and saves survey data in customer profiles. This means with the next interaction, they will preform that much better.

● Lowers abandonment using a conversational interface. People are more likely to stick around to the end of the survey when approached on a mobile device.

● Provides good follow-up for your sales staff. All information is good information when your company can make more money.

Increasing Your Facebook Messenger Engagement Through the Correct Use of Chatbots

Follow the below five steps to get good responses for your chatbots survey interactions:

1) Develop A Survey For Your Chatbot

The first step for creating the Messenger survey is simply developing the chatbot? You need to create one that asks a lot of questions. One that knows your FAQ’s. You can use any chatbot builder, and while creating one, make sure that your questions fall inline with your most popular customer interactions. You can create one now for your business online for free.

Be sure to use groups for organizing chat pages. It would be similar to the folder structure of any website. The main group can be called ‘Quick Survey’ for example. Now in this group, you need to create three important sections. Create a welcome or invite page, a page for each question, and a thank you page for the end of the survey.

You can create widgets. Using widgets, you can add content to pages in the form of images, text, quick questions, GIFs and forms. 

People trying out the survey will see each of the pages made with the widgets. Survey invites can contain both text and a GIF. Survey pages can contain one to three quick questions, and your survey thanks should be in the form of text. 

2) Saving Response Data In Customer Profiles

If you check out the quick question widget, it has a great feature. You can easily save the answers to your questions inside customer profiles. First, you would have to name the variable. Then, the response of the user would be saved as an attribute in the customers profile.

Later on, you have the option to create a custom audience from everyone who has a profile. This directly targets particular consumers who have expressed previous interest in your product. It’s the ultimate form of retargeting and you can collect this valuable customer data free of charge and quickly. This can increase your digital marketing campaigns awareness factor by a landslide.

3) Distributing Facebook Messenger Surveys

As soon as your survey is ready, the time has come to put it in use. Try to get a link to the Facebook Messenger survey using an HTML element. This is done by creating the ‘Link to Messenger.’ Name it as something descriptive that’s easy to identify.

From the drop-down menu, select the chat page you want to link from. After that, hit the ‘Copy’ button for getting the link. The link can be distributed in social media posts, blog posts, chat blasts, Facebook click-to-Messenger ads, email, etc. Everyone that clicks this link will have your survey open up on their Facebook messenger app.

4) Export Survey Responses For Data Analyzation

For analyzing and reviewing survey data, you would first need to export customer profile data in the Contact tab of the Chatbot software. This is for downloading the report as a .CSV file. As soon as you open the Excel report, the contact details and replies to your queries will be displayed. 

5) Send Follow-Up Messages Using Chat Blasts

One of the best advantages of using the Facebook Messenger survey compared to an email survey is the follow-up? Rather than the anonymous email surveys, here you know with whom to respond. Here you have the option to create audiences based on the attributes that were collected before and blast them with more content about your company, increasing brand awareness and Facebook messenger engagement.

For doing this procedure, go to the option ‘Audience Insights’. click Audiences, and then click on the ‘Create Audience’ option. Then just add a filter and choose the required attribute from the drop-down menu and the necessary value from the auto-populated suggestions.

Final Thoughts About this Method of Social Media Marketing

For marketers, valuable survey data is a jackpot. For them, it helps to connect with their audiences or customer and know their customers feedback. Opting for mail distribution might not be that great. But on the other hand, using the Facebook Messenger survey, you can increase customer awareness while all the while increasing the survey’s engagement rate from traditional email marketing. Most importantly, you can provide your valuable audience with the content that matters to them. So, you end up nurturing a good customer relationship. So what are you waiting for? Go and create your businesses Chatbot now.

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